Instagram Audience Shows

17 May


Always great to get random people snap a pic with their smart phone, then magically vanish from existence. Then like a person on TMZ, magically see your face on someones Instagram page being hash-tagged (#toronto, #oakville, #GTA, #905, #416) with a cool 1970’s filter attached to it. It promotes you, and it promotes the establishment you play at – free PR!

Does it fulfill your ego? Not really. Does it make you feel good? Yes, because the music must be doing something right, that someone needs to take a pic to post it.

Its been a while, but I’ll need to start re-thinking what it all means – by taking a pic, your essentially like a PR agent now, and that helps! At the same time, you could be psycho too. But it’s really not worth the time the figure that out. What matters is that i like to think of everyone as ‘anyone’, and anyone is my friend.

Cheers’ to the people who’ve taken shots over the course of the last 10 shows I did. With the development of the Instagram stories, it’s only a matter of time that the videos will follow. Follow me on instgram at:


…and a last cheers to the person who actually took a photo with a digital camera the good old fashioned way.

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