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Muskoka Bound Shows

18 Jul

Next Shows: July 17th – Fionn MacCools Davisville Toronto / July 22nd – Turtle Jacks Oakville / July 25th – Windermere Muskoka / July 26th – Glen Abby Golf Course

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 3.58.13 PM

For 3 weekends in July, I had the great opportunity of playing one of Muskoka’s (that’s our Hamptons if your reading this from New York or LA) most prestigious resorts – Oliver and Bonacini’s “Windermere” at beautiful Lake St.Joseph. windFrom 6-8:30pm I entertained guests at the resort on a beautiful grand piano, playing songs that were for the dining hour, then from 9:30pm – 12am, entertained the locals, and guests in their downstairs pub. From the staff, to the management, to the guests, I had a great time. pianoIt was really cool (although noting my face expression in this pic you can’t tell, cause my focus is on the piano), watching the boats dock at the harbour, while performing, and then watching the people who operate the boats dance or drink or eat to the songs I played.

Hot Child in the City.. and Suburbs too

5 Jul

worldI’m used to Summer being a very busy time for patio shows, but this year in particular I’ve “out-done” myself with lining up, up to 5 shows in a row per week at different great establishments. Not only was this challenging logistically, it practically made me understand how my forefathers performed (i.e. Elvis in Vegas 2 shows per day, Sinatra 3 shows per day, The Beatles in Hamburg, 2 shows per day with 6 hour sets).cs Although challenging, it was fantastic, and I hope that next summer I can top myself to have 6.2 shows in a row. From the city to the suburbs, and back to the city, by far the most logistical gig was performing at Bloor Jarvis Fionn McCools the same day (and area) as World Pride day. city shot2To be honest, I totally forgot it was happening (I lead a busy life), and it was nuts performing to close to 100,000 passerby’s in the hot 100 F Toronto weather. Hot child in the City indeed.