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Spring Shows – Paddys Earth – Chicken

18 Apr

Ok just a recap of some great shows over the past month.

St. Patrick’s Day – don’t remember much except singing for 8hrs straight at 2 different venues

Kelseys ChickenFest – a first, a chicken wing eating contest. A lot of songs revolving around eating. And seeing my face on a bathroom door

Earth Hour

St.James Gate Earth Hour – theres something about singing songs in the dark via candlelight, it was like a dream that didn’t turn into a nightmare

Website Will Be Getting Web Botox

10 Apr

Hi Friends;

March was crazy with shows. Now a detox in April

Just a quick note to let you know I’m revamping my site over the next month, so expect some changes to occur – mentally, psychologically, and financially.

see you on the other side