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Back to Work to Rule School Tour

7 Sep

My “Back to Work to Rule School Tour” started September 1st and finishes Oct. 3rd, just before thanksgiving weekend (pubs, clubs, parties, fairs, all over the GTA). As Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.18.52 PMI’m performing new setlists, and songmashes, I can help but think that if the Toronto Blue Jays keeps on winning, my shows will start later and later (pass the redbull). But that’s okay, cause as they keep winning games, the crowds keep getting more feisty, more aggressive more demanding, and completely more unpredictable with requests (which makes it fun for a guy like me).Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.13.40 PM  To appease the masses, and the new generational gap of boomers – GenXY – Millennials, I have added mashes to everything – meaning – all modern songs from today go back to 1980s music “instrumentally”, but the actual “chords” go back to 1970’s classic rock progressions. What i mean is ‘Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” is musically – The Who’s Baba O’Riely with Depeche Mode as the backup band. I’m seeing it more and more, and my upcoming shows will start adapting the ‘mash’ effect to make this musical link to appease the Millennials and the GenX,Y Boomers. Here’s a sample setlist;

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.08.53 PM