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View from the Eighteen Hole

3 Nov

Next Shows: Nov.6th Bier Markt Don Mills Mall 8:30pm, Nov.16th Fionn MacCools Yonge/Davisville 9:30pm, Nov.21st Fionn MacCools Britania 8:30pm, Nov.28th Fionn MacCools Winston Churchill 8:00pm.

When does a gig, stop being a ‘gig’, and becomes an event? When you play a great golf course lounge. That’s what I did twice in late October at the world renowned ‘Glen Abbey Golf Course’, where I played in their beautiful Eighteen Lounge and Restaurant to professional golfers and exclusive club members. 4 1 While bar mitzvah, weddings were going on in the hall beside me, I was doing every hit from 1961 to around 1988 to appease every demographic present while they ate their dinner, or sipped their martinis. 3A common sign language occurrence would happen as I would get a ‘thumbs up’, ‘head nod’, ‘eye blink’ from patrons as they listened. As I’d perform, I’d also stare out of a large window, which had a fantastic view of the golf course, and a ‘RBC Canadian Open’ sign, it was a pretty mind-blowing. Four!