Periscope Live World Broadcasts

16 May

The 1st half of 2017 has been one of reaching more audiences far and wide. That means, not only performing but broadcasting performances to as many people ‘online’ as found via the great programs and apps that our technology allows. After experimenting with Facebook live I have also experimented with Twitters Live Broadcast tool – Periscope.

This allows me to broadcast shows to more people I don’t know – around the world. So far the feedback has been fantastic, people in the U.S, UK, Europe, even South Korea (not North) have watched a show and commented. As the summer season approaches I’ll look forward to broadcasting more shows.

Here’s a link to recent show using Periscope (where you can’t see me, only hear me)

(How to multitask in 2017 – singing while Facetiming someone while on Periscope)

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