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The Rhino All Access Excess

24 Nov

rIf there’s a place where Toronto hipsters hang out its Queen West. In particular, it’s Queen and Ossington, and if you go a little west from there on Queen, you will find a hip bar place called “the Rhino”. A place where you go to meet friends for the 1st drink of the night, before going to the other place. People come and go. r2But on a cold November evening, they came – and stayed. My friends at Cameron’s Brewery were doing an event all access night and invited me to perform ‘all requests’ frr4om patrons. r3It was so much fun – I played at least 60 song requests, gave out prizes, and hung out with the staff and patrons of the Rhino that cold November night. Best Request – “Thirteen” – Big Star, Worst Request – “You Make My Dreams Come True” – Hall and Oates (yes I still played it)

Turbo Tranquility at JW Marriott Muskoka

15 Nov

jwWhen you can leave HogTown (that’s aka Toronto) for a weekend to perform in World Class resort in Muskoka, you say simply “yes”. 3This opportunity presented itself to me in early November, when I was given the opp to perform at the JW Marriott resort on Lake Rosseau Muskoka. What an amazing place. The staff, hotel guests were so nice, and the vibe around the area I performed in, was almost like a communal bonfire (except it was inside a massive hotel lobby with 100 foot ceilings, chandeliers, and comfy sofas everywhere, with stunning views of the lake and stars (this place was so huge I looked like an ant in these pics attached). 4As the moon set, I did my ‘fall daylight savings time setlist’ on acoustic guitar providing a soundtrack for hotel guests, that would remain memorable (until their next visit). Thank you JW Marriott!