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The Brendon Gomez Band?

25 Apr
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Being a solo act is great, but sometimes something fools the public to think that your in a band.
Think “Dave Mathews Band’ or ‘Alan Parson’s Project’. These are bands with multiple people, but the bands have people in it named “Dave Mathews” and “Alan Parsons”. As I perform, I’ve started to get asked ‘Am I A Band’? I hope and think and say ‘no’. Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.33.05 PMThen when my show is done and I get paid, 9/10 times I’ve been noticing that the envelope of Canadian Tire money (that’s a joke), actually has written on it – ‘Brendon Gomez Band’. I stop and then think ‘could i do, or should I do this’? Become a band of ‘1’, with some sort of name extension. Would that sound legit, or too 1998? I guess the bonus of being in a band, is that band’s always like hanging out in music stores. And to me that’d be pretty cool hanging out in places like Steve’s Music, Guitar World, or ┬áLong and McQuade, having conversations about musical toys, staring at walls of walls of guitar and other swank gear. Gee its’ good to be in a band.
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