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Zoom stays into Stage 2/3 (and 6)

23 Jul

As stage 2 continues in Toronto GTA and stage 3 begins in Halton, I will now be offering live ‘outdoor or indoor distanced’ shows as will as be continuing live online shows services on Zoom for private and corporate events. Indoor events will be evaluated per situation.

Distanced shows are a great safe way to enjoy live music for any occasion. They really take your mind off our current reality and add to the overall environment.

Zoom shows are online, interactive, fun and can be as creative as you want. Recently I have been doing ‘themed’ shows with music selections from every decade. Performing, hosting, moderating and flattening the curve.

Hope to see you virtually or in the distance!

You may not see me, but you may hear me
“Hi, how does it feel to still be in isolation”