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New Year’s UK Memorabilia Massaged

15 Jan

cove garne

The new year is filled with cleaning the old and making it new (aka jeans from 1998, t-shirts from 2001) This is the case also with finding sentimental memorabilia, which always seems to find me in early January. Did I ever mention that I lived in London UK for a year? .. and performed all over that small town, including shows at the legendary 12 bar club, the corporate Borders Bookstore in Oxford Circus and The Covent Garden Rock Garden. Yup, here’s proof of it. Gone but not forgotten. Just like my old jeans.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.08.30 PM

The Year in Review (literally and non-literally)

3 Jan

January 2016 Disclaimer: Yes it’s true. I have not updated my ‘gig’ blog since mid September. And there’s a great reason for that; I’ve been beyond busy performing in and around Toronto a number of great establishments. It’s insane how time goes by so fast. Since it’s a new year, I invite you to read my past entries to see the amazing gig adventures I’ve been up to. Now back to the blog entry below..

Whew, what a year. Thanks for everyone known and unknown who came to see me perform this past year. Thanks to all the bookers, managers, staff, interns, chefs, bus boys and girls, waitress, bartenders, hostesses, accountants and food and beverage directors. Free meals, drinks, tips, hotel accommodations, and utensils. Thanks for all great comments I’d hear from shows too: “Great Set”, “I forgot about that song”, “Do you know this song?”, “Where are you playing next?”, “You don’t look like a Musician”, “Where’s the Bathrooms”, “Are you the guy from Big Bang Theory?”, “Brendon Gomez is not your real name”. All in all, I did around 188 shows around the Toronto Greater Area (mixing Piano and Guitar, and playing DJ as needed), and it was probably the most demanding year who can argue with that? I can’t. See you guys soon, which is probably next week!