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Customer Bash Alert – Appreciation Night at Cameron’s Brewery

9 Dec

camIt’s been great doing show’s with Cameron’s Brewery this year. To finish the year off on a barley and hops note, I was invited to perform at the actual Brewery for a Customer Appreciation night. It was a fun event, filled with samples of Cameron’s great beer choices, as well as tours of the brewery with many people mingling and listening to my song selections. cam2As it was the Christmas season, it was nice to integrate Christmas songs (i.e the entire side 1 of Phil Spector’s Christmas Album, as well as the 80’s Band Aid Classic) into the setlist. cam3So much fun watching guests sing along (off key and tipsy from their beer) as well as the Cameron’s sampling team dueting with me on songs (and making up the words as needed). A really cool experience as I never knew that a Brewery could provide substantial acoustics and echo when needed.