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Patio Apartment Days

15 Sep

As the summer season came to a close, so did the Patio Season. And that meant it was time to start playing ‘indoors’ again (for you ego dreaming musicians, isn’t it like Patio Apartment 1 2 3moving from the stadiums, back to the arenas?). But before that happened I close the patio season at Fionn MacCool’s Yonge Street / Davisville location with a last patio show. It was really amazing, because the vibe in the air was that this was the last one of the season. It was the first time I had people across the street actually listening, and clapping, as well as people who just parked themselves beside me, and just listened (without  buying a drink)

Community Fall Fair Faction

11 Sep

Helping the community is what it’s all about. Especially when your singing pop songs underneath an Auction sign (and your not being Auctioned). OPFF 1The Oakville Community of Oak Park had their annual fair, and due to rain, I was placed at the top of the stairs at their headquarters house. This was the only way I wouldn’t get electrocuted. Yes, it’s me way off on the top of the stairs.