“I’m basically a Human iPod …with a marketing background”.. who loves working with great people.

Here are some memorable brands I’ve worked with in some musical marketing capacity.

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Booking Inquires: / 416 570 – 6056

“I’m basically a Human iPod …with a marketing background”

That means I’m a musician (vocal / instrumental / acoustic guitar / piano) who performs whatever/whenever you want in any environment – Weddings/Galas/ Private/Corporate/Holiday Parties, Art galleries/Museums, Fairs, Fundraisers, Pub/Club, Café, Restaurant, Patio, and Bookstore.

From creating or performing personalized setlists for a birthday soiree, to playing requested songs instrumentally for a wedding processional, to playing a country fall fair, to an art exhibit at a museum, to an Earth Hour serenade in the dark. In addition, providing DJ services and sound equipment as required.

What makes me different from the other musicians is that I’m also a marketer. In addition to previously working at Sony Music, I’ve presently worked in the Ad Agency world in Client Service, with CPG brands. I understand creativity, time management, meetings, budget, deadlines, organization, critical paths, Pre-pro’s, and more importantly, how to execute music at an event – professionally and flawlessly. My goal is to always make my client’s life easy, and for all events to create lasting memories which live on years after the event.

Here’s an example of my process:

–                Step 1: Consultation – via email / conference call / or in person. Discuss the event with the event planner or client, determine their music/song/equipment needs (guitar / vocal / piano / instrumental), determine what makes them musically happy, and discuss the events location/date/timeline. Provide any music solutions or ideas as needed to enhance the event.

–              Step 2: Working with the client or event planner, narrow down the choices of music for the event. Email mp3’s of the song choices or provide setlist via iTunes (if DJ ing) for approval. Allow time for the client and event planner to make decisions whether they want to change, add, or remove or re-arrange (vocal/instrumental) songs/setlist.

–              Step 3: Finalize applicable songs, instruments and equipment into a standard agreement for all parties to approve. Align on critical path of days events.

–                Step 4: Execute the music at the event flawlessly.

Booking Inquires: / 416 570 – 6056



One Response to “Events”

  1. joyce furlane October 8, 2015 at 11:39 pm #

    Brendon, thank you again for a flawless show for our company party for Locomobi this past Saturday October 3, 2015. Everyone had such a great time and it was due to your great music. The sound level was just perfect and everyone was so comfortable they were up there singing with you and a couple of solos as well. Everyone should experience your talents and we cant wait until next year. Cheers
    Locomobi Joyce and Grant Furlane

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