“The Human IPod” proof on Flipagram

3 Jun

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.01.50 PM

I know I brand myself as a “Human IPod“, playing and mashing songs from every era to please audiences, and create lasting memories. It might sound like a ‘pitch’, but when it works, there’s proof in the audiences faces…..Some musicians just talk about how good a gig was (how they connected with an audience, etc), but you sometimes never actually see it for how crazy good it was (apart from the odd photo). But sometimes your lucky to capture these moments on film. And further to this, your lucky if you know how to turn it into a Flipagram (The latest and greatest way to create ‘moments’). This was the case from a recent show at the Madison. Ok, it’s 2am, the house lights are on, my guitar is put away, the piano and PA are turned off, and this crowd just wants more songs from me. Who needs a DJ? This is the power of live music, this is the stuff that you can’t let get to your head, because it’s not real. The amount of cheering and screaming I’ve been experiencing over the past month has been pretty over whelming. Who knew a mash of crowd pleasing songs could turn into a 15 minute encore of screaming millennial Torontoians?  Click the link below to see the Flipagram.


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.06.14 PM


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