Anti Valentines Day Protest Show

15 Feb

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.25.19 PM

In the dead of  a Canadian winter, I found myself at a great pub in Mid Town Toronto – The Jester on Yonge.

It was here I teamed up with the award winning Craft Brewer – Cameron’s for an ‘Anti Valentines Day Show’.  2VAs the snow blew outside, I blew inside a selection of songs to make lonely people feel better, while Cameron’s distributed their great brew to all that came. To be honest, no one was lonely (and if they were, they did a great job hiding it). As the snow fell outside, it was a cozy reminder that the acoustic guitar is made of wood, and that wood can burn when your cold. 3There is nothing better than being in a cozy environment, playing songs about tortured souls and love (with a smile).

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