Set 1,2,3 = Glasses – Hat + Jacket/Plad shirt

29 Nov

ndI remember seeing huge acts like the Rolling Stones, and U2, and noticed that from the beginning of their set to the end, their clothes changed via their wardrobe personal. I noticed that they had lots of layers on in the beginning and by the end they were down to just a t-shirt, and non of the fluff from the start. s3Not that I have anything better to do (even though I have enough ideas to keep me busy for 3 lifetimes), I have now adopted that sort of theory, where I start my shows at Set 1with glasses, jacket, and maybe a hat. Set 2, it goes to no jacket, just glasses, Set 3, it’s no glasses, no jacket, just a vintage old t-shirt. s2This proves no point at all, and there’s no reason to do it, but in some weird way, it does make one play songs differently form the ‘inside’ because less layers make it more ‘real’ and less ‘showbiz’. All my show’s in November adopted this outlook. Here’s set 2 at Ned Devines and a Fionn McCools.

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