Who Say’s You Can’t Run 5k In Your Gig Clothes?

31 Oct

Anyone who’s a musician will tell you, you never say ‘no’ to a gig, if your available. sjg2You will do it – because you love playing live and it’s always good to flex the music muscles. In this case, I flexed my music muscles and my legs, as I got a last-mintue call to perform at a great Toronto pub called St.James Gate on a Saturday from 9pm – 2am, then slept for 3 hours, and ran 5K for the Toronto Waterfront Scotiabank run. sbsb2The irony is that because I passed out after the show, I literally ran the 5K with my gig clothes underneath my running attire. I challenge anyone to do this, because it was mad experience. I’m just happy I got my medal without passing out. sjg

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