November Rain Shows

4 Nov

Daylight savings time – rain, wind, darkness at 4:30pm. The only thing that will get you through this dark month is to come to a show.

October Autumn AutoPiolet Shows

15 Oct

Turn me on AutoPiolet and let the music come out!

September Snow Shows

7 Sep

Back to school, back to Shows!

Viva Aretha!

1 Sep

One by one, these great artists are dying off. With Aretha, I had to perform one of her hits written by the great Carole King. Here it is, live sweaty at 1am on a hot Saturday night – You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.

August Gigs

3 Aug

Siesta Dates

6 Jul

Come get hot with me this July!

5 Part Harmony

22 Jun

So thrilled to share the stage with my ex roommates from University. What other roommates do you know who can harmonize with 5 people. The June tour continues