September Snow Shows

7 Sep

Back to school, back to Shows!

Viva Aretha!

1 Sep

One by one, these great artists are dying off. With Aretha, I had to perform one of her hits written by the great Carole King. Here it is, live sweaty at 1am on a hot Saturday night – You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.

August Gigs

3 Aug

Siesta Dates

6 Jul

Come get hot with me this July!

5 Part Harmony

22 Jun

So thrilled to share the stage with my ex roommates from University. What other roommates do you know who can harmonize with 5 people. The June tour continues

June Summer Kick-off GTA Tour

11 Jun

It’s June, and you know what that means – I haven’t a clue. From the Madison to various Fionn MacCools locations to Street Parties and Events for Kelseys and Joseph Brant Hospital it should be a great month with great tunes, with great audiences.

The Members only Golf Gig

31 May

Glen Abbey Golf Course is one of Canada’s premier golf courses. I had the opportunity to perform to the members of this exclusive club as the golf season began.

The members requested the most random songs from the 60’s,70’s,80s, and I had the chance to perform ‘golfers’ favourite songs. Did you know Tiger Woods liked Huey Lewis and the News. Did you know that Arnold Palmer loved Jimmy Buffet? That makes sense.