June Summer Kick-off GTA Tour

11 Jun

It’s June, and you know what that means – I haven’t a clue. From the Madison to various Fionn MacCools locations to Street Parties and Events for Kelseys and Joseph Brant Hospital it should be a great month with great tunes, with great audiences.

The Members only Golf Gig

31 May

Glen Abbey Golf Course is one of Canada’s premier golf courses. I had the opportunity to perform to the members of this exclusive club as the golf season began.

The members requested the most random songs from the 60’s,70’s,80s, and I had the chance to perform ‘golfers’ favourite songs. Did you know Tiger Woods liked Huey Lewis and the News. Did you know that Arnold Palmer loved Jimmy Buffet? That makes sense.

Mother’s Day Vinyl Show

14 May

This years Mother’s Day was particularly special as I performed songs directly from my 45″ Vinyl collection.

The songs were 67% all ‘female’ based apart from a selection of pretty direct Mother songs – like John Lennon’s ‘Mother’, and Pink Floyd’s ‘Mother’.

It did amaze me that some people in the audience did not know what I was holding in my hand. They thought it was a frisbee…but yes it was a 45 record (duh).

In any regard, Thank you Fionn MacCools Britania for all the song requests.

Spring Shows – Paddys Earth – Chicken

18 Apr

Ok just a recap of some great shows over the past month.

St. Patrick’s Day – don’t remember much except singing for 8hrs straight at 2 different venues

Kelseys ChickenFest – a first, a chicken wing eating contest. A lot of songs revolving around eating. And seeing my face on a bathroom door

Earth Hour

St.James Gate Earth Hour – theres something about singing songs in the dark via candlelight, it was like a dream that didn’t turn into a nightmare

Website Will Be Getting Web Botox

10 Apr

Hi Friends;

March was crazy with shows. Now a detox in April

Just a quick note to let you know I’m revamping my site over the next month, so expect some changes to occur – mentally, psychologically, and financially.

see you on the other side

St.Patricks Day Agenda

17 Mar

My agenda at least – thank you Paupers and Madison for the invite

Got March Dates If You Need Them

6 Mar

Always great to have a Clipboard do the talking for me. See you in March, remember to bring your song requests!