The Burgerfest Show

28 Jun

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.33.05 AMI love hamburgers, and when the head office restaurant of Kelsey’s asked me to perform for their 2017 Burgerfest, I could only say “please compensate me with 5 gourmet burgers”. That’s fake news (they paid me in cash), but I did have the pleasure of sampling 3 different burgers (see below and guess which ones), while performing feel good summer songs such as “Summer of 69”, and “Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard” and “Shake it Off” (yes Taylor Swift). I also had the pleasure of announcing to all patrons that “Free” samples were being passed around, and to grab one before I do. Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.33.25 AMBy the end of this show, I felt like Elvis in 1977 – bloated with weird digestive issues, yet still able to sing at 100%. My last songs was a medley of song requests from patrons who might have ate too many burgers, but had a great time  – Try (Blue Rodeo) – Piano Man (Billy Joel) – Time After Time (Cyndy Lauper) – Shut Up and Dance with me (Sorry forgot who sang that) and last Band on the Run (Paul McCartney). A great night by all, thanks Kelsey’s for the take away meal!IMG-6014

Instagram Audience Shows

17 May


Always great to get random people snap a pic with their smart phone, then magically vanish from existence. Then like a person on TMZ, magically see your face on someones Instagram page being hash-tagged (#toronto, #oakville, #GTA, #905, #416) with a cool 1970’s filter attached to it. It promotes you, and it promotes the establishment you play at – free PR!

Does it fulfill your ego? Not really. Does it make you feel good? Yes, because the music must be doing something right, that someone needs to take a pic to post it.

Its been a while, but I’ll need to start re-thinking what it all means – by taking a pic, your essentially like a PR agent now, and that helps! At the same time, you could be psycho too. But it’s really not worth the time the figure that out. What matters is that i like to think of everyone as ‘anyone’, and anyone is my friend.

Cheers’ to the people who’ve taken shots over the course of the last 10 shows I did. With the development of the Instagram stories, it’s only a matter of time that the videos will follow. Follow me on instgram at:


…and a last cheers to the person who actually took a photo with a digital camera the good old fashioned way.

Periscope Live World Broadcasts

16 May

The 1st half of 2017 has been one of reaching more audiences far and wide. That means, not only performing but broadcasting performances to as many people ‘online’ as found via the great programs and apps that our technology allows. After experimenting with Facebook live I have also experimented with Twitters Live Broadcast tool – Periscope.

This allows me to broadcast shows to more people I don’t know – around the world. So far the feedback has been fantastic, people in the U.S, UK, Europe, even South Korea (not North) have watched a show and commented. As the summer season approaches I’ll look forward to broadcasting more shows.

Here’s a link to recent show using Periscope (where you can’t see me, only hear me)

(How to multitask in 2017 – singing while Facetiming someone while on Periscope)

St.Paddys Day Madness

20 Mar

It’s not enough to have 1 gig on St.Patricks Day. No, it’s better to have  2 back to back, within the same neighbourhood. That way you can reach more people and breath in the buzz. With my buzz intact, I performed a stellar set “Irish Standards” at Paupers (a venue that always invites me back for their biggest events – New Years, St.Paddys etc.) 4:30pm – 8:30pm and after headed to my other home – The Madison for a show 10:00pm – 1:30am. Upon arriving at the Madison, I saw a lineup that extended for at least a city block –  all to see me perform. When I approached and bypassed the lineup, people actually started recognizing me, screaming and yelling song requests –  how weird is that? When performing, I managed to film a majority of the night, and in so doing, edited a 3.5hr show into 10 minutes. It was like running a 10K. 8hrs straight of singing is possible!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.03.19 PM

here is a direct link to FB live show

2017 Live Streaming Styles

14 Feb

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-3-49-25-pmWay back in 2000 I lived in London England, and performed at a great place called the 12barClub. Friends and family watched from home in Canada as I performed. The sound and resolution wasn’t the best but was promising. Fast forward to 2017 where social media tools like Perescope and Facebook live are the current norm for live Video. So on Friday Jan.17th I did just that, live broadcasted shows. So much unexpected fun.


Links to watch live below from 2 separate Jan.2017 shows:

Thank You 2016!

8 Jan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank myself for all my hard work in performing across the GTA (and Muskoka) to at least over 5000 people in 2016. It wouldn’t have been as successful if I didn’t try as hard as I did. In particular I would like to thank those people who hired me and rehired me, and re-rehired me for their events. Thanks and all the best to everyone (including myself) in 2017. Cheers to all these wonderful establishments.


New Years Eve Gig a Thon

1 Jan

As 2016 drew to a close, i had the pleasure of performing at Torontos Great Paupers Pub. A great night, it was the 1st time I ever ‘hosted’ a New Years Eve, meaning; I was the guy who spoke to the crowd and did the ‘countdown’. 10, 9,4,6,2,8 etc. Looking at people’s faces, some looked ‘happy’, others looked ‘depressed’. Tis life  – Happy New Year! screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-3-10-50-pm