100 Guys Who Care / Denny’s Car Wash – Charity Show

29 Sep

img_0276It’s not everyday you get to perform at a car wash, and at the same time help a local charity. Infact I don’t know any fellow musician peers who ever had the opportunity to perform while soap, water, and dryer vents pumped around them cleaning sports cars.

The charity “100 Guys Who Care” is a GTA based Charity “man only group” that basically ‘networks’, and ‘raises and donates’ to a charity voted as ‘best’ of the groups choice. Their September location for their event was Denny’s Car Wash in Oakville. A great location, I alongside ‘The Ol fashion Butchery’ of Oakville , and my friends at ‘Cameron’s Brewery’ put on a great show of – Burgers – Beer and Live Music, while sports cars graced the backdrop.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-12-56-pm

I remember the moon looking so bright as I sang Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ as well as singing Tragically Hips “Wheat Kings” , transforming a Charity Event to a night at the Cottage – with grand sports cars.

In the end the organizers thanked me and told me that it was an ‘over the top’ event . A great time had by all, for such a great cause. Thanks Guys!


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