The Rhino All Access Excess

24 Nov

rIf there’s a place where Toronto hipsters hang out its Queen West. In particular, it’s Queen and Ossington, and if you go a little west from there on Queen, you will find a hip bar place called “the Rhino”. A place where you go to meet friends for the 1st drink of the night, before going to the other place. People come and go. r2But on a cold November evening, they came – and stayed. My friends at Cameron’s Brewery were doing an event all access night and invited me to perform ‘all requests’ frr4om patrons. r3It was so much fun – I played at least 60 song requests, gave out prizes, and hung out with the staff and patrons of the Rhino that cold November night. Best Request – “Thirteen” – Big Star, Worst Request – “You Make My Dreams Come True” – Hall and Oates (yes I still played it)

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