B2B Brand Gigs and Talk Radio

24 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.26.46 PM

Sometimes the ‘energy’ from a show continues into the next day. In this case, I teamed up (or did a B2B as they say in IMG_6785business) with a fantastic craft brewery – Cameron’s Brewery and Longo’s Elite Restaurant – “Corks” for a special show. As guests ate dinner and sampled some great beer from Cameron’s I took requests and played a stellar set which could be IMG_6784heard all over the Grocery Store. So much to the point that I got requests from the Bakery, Deli and Produce Dept. A little surreal.

This was followed into the next morning with a quick meet and chat with Maie Pauts from Toronto’s radio station Boom 97.3 on the show the night before. A great way to plug Cameron’s, Corks and yeah me (why not?)IMG_6793

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