Friday Night Rain Party

14 Oct

Anything can happen when you a play a gig (or sometimes nothing at all). On a rainy Friday night in suburb of Milton, I played a great pub called Ned Devine’s. The first 1 Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 11.51.10 PMhalf of the night I played in a party room for a 40th bday party (i.e. hey, remember this song from 1985), the 2nd half of the night, I played in the main room to the Milton general public (who were in Grade 8 probably around 1991). I guess there must have been something in the rain, because I’ve never seen a crowd get so into the songs I was playing (dancing, singing, crying, 3screaming, ok, maybe not crying). I was offered 3 times to play at random house parties (there’s a lot of houses in Milton to do that), and offered to come back to Ned Devine’s in 2014. A wet night indeed.

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