Summer in the City Subway Garden

15 Aug

5mThere’s always logistics involved in how and where to setup your equipment for your gig. Should the speaker be here, should the amp be there, will it give feedback, will anyone trip over this XLR cable, etc. In the dead of summer, I played the Bloor St. Summer TTCFionn MacCools patio for the 1st time, and in my surprise, the patio was in a garden, overtop of a fense floor in which the TTC Subway was underneath. So every 15 minutes, you’d feel a hot breeze then, hear the rattling of the subway. In addition, you got the 9-5’ers leaving work, watching and listening behind you, shouting “play some _____”. It was so random, but a really amazing gig for the fact that it was a 360 degree audience.

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