MadMen Music Podcast Review

30 Jun

Among my events and performances, I’ve managed to sneak sometime back into the podcast world. I am not sure what TV shows you guys watch, but I was heavy into this years, 5th season of MadMen. And with that, I took to Podcasts, Blog posts, Twitter and Facebook to read, listen and discuss with other fans –  storylines, characters, and ‘what it all means’ for our tragic heroes (Don Drapper, Roger Sterling, etc.) living as out of touch Ad Men in the swinging 60’s.

The Madmen Podcast is a great iTunes Podcast based in the U.S (somewhere), and my review of an episode called “At the Codfish Ball” (based on the Music and Drug Use in the show) was actually read by the hosts of the show in their listener feedback section. Considering they get tons of feedback and read my review, it was pretty cool.  Check it out at -16:35 toward the end of the show. Click the link here.


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