The “Wha Diss?” Podcast

17 Nov

In mid -2011, a Los Angeles based company called “Talk Radio Unlimited” launched a podcast talk radio website, where podcaster’s could create their own show’s about anything remotely interesting. Needing a Canadian show, I was approached by them to create my own podcast about anything. Thus, I created “Wha Diss”, an experimental late-night talk show that started about being about music, pop-culture, etc, but eventually turned into comedy, drunkin-satire, and random madness.

Inspired by Oprah who (on her OWN network), started being nostalgic about her show which is been off for less than a year, I decided to follow her footprint and upload some episodes of “Wha Diss” for a new generation to discover. At it’s peak I had 500 listeners, across Canada, US, UK, and even Europe (not too shabby!)

Check out  some random episodes in the Podcast section.

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