The Loft

This area is like the attic, or the closet in your head you haven’t cleaned. It’s an open space, with a 90 inch TV, with a lot of other junk floating around. Here’s where you eat a Pizza with a bag of Fritos and drink Orange Crush, then have a Cinnabun for dessert (and not gain any weight). It’s a place to get away from the daily grind of life. Welcome to my Loft.

Who’s dying next – October 2017

C6C7 Surgery Recovery – June 2017

Might as well be May, but who cares. In early May I had surgery, and took a month off to recover in the loft. Some may ask, so here’s the recovery of what I’ll do in the next year (While gigging).


Joshua Tree Tour – May 2017

Thank God it’s not 1987. If it was I’d be outside a stadium in a car, listening to echos of U2 playing the Joshua Tree live. The only saving grace is I would hear Bono’s real voice (as it was meant to be at 27yrs old). Flash forward to 2017 in the loft, on a couch, resting, eating cereal (bran buds) at 12am, watching a U2 show on periscope then on YouTube. The only thing worse is Bono is now 57 yrs old and sounds like a retired kare-oke singer.


Map Domain Word Press – March 2017

In case your stuck in the loft and cannot view on your device, due to wordpress not owning it, all you need to do is re-map your url and give WordPress a bunch of money ($99 USD to be exact). Here is the video to do this and what to expect March (or latest May )2018 and beyond.


Work day in the Vault – Feb.2017

Sorting out all the mounds of paper is tough in the vault. So tough the only way to get through this is to listen to jazz from the early 1960s. There is something about this music that makes you tiddy up and wash your face vs being a horder.


Vault In loving memory – George Michael – Dec.2016
The fact that you write a song called ‘last Christmas’ then you die on Christmas, might be the greatest marketing tactic of all time. In any regard another 1980s legend gone too soon.


Haunting TV Theme Song Vault – Oct.2016

One of the most haunting theme songs ever – the affair theme song by Fiona Apple. It sounds like someone’s drowning you while your sitting in a lazy boy chair in the loft.


Someone Saved my Loft Tonight – Aug.16

Simply a great song – when your in a basement with the curtains drawn in a little room downstairs


Peel Back Wall Posters – Long Live the Icons we lost (so far) – June 2016

I have been putting up old posters in the loft of all the Icons who have passed away this year. A picture of David Bowie from his PinUps Album, Glen Frey from the Hotel California Album, and most recently a small wallet size picture of George Martin the Beatles Producer. To enlarge this picture I have attached a music file to it of a classical version that George Martin produced of the Beatles Lennon track “Because”. If you listen to this song rendition by Vanessa Mae, I can only say that I can imagine George going to heaven while this song played in the background. It is evil, beautiful, haunting and makes you realize that we are smallest grain of sand in the entire universe.

Spring Cleaning in the Loft – April 2016
Spring cleaning in the loft means finding things you want to through out, but you keep everything for the sake of preserving nostalgic beliefs. That means there are empty candy bar rappers (lol) lying around, as well the odd beer can. Infact, I found a beer can for Colt45 which impressed me so much, I dug out the original ‘Billy Dee Williams’ commercial from that long lost era of political incorrectness.

As We Go Along in the Loft – March 2016

Whenever I need to meditate and forget all the deadlines of life – I go to the Loft. When I’m in the loft I go under the mattress in the East Wing of the room, and put on a song reel of the Monkees song ‘As We Go Along’ from their trippy movie ‘Head’. This song has powers to make the listener feel as if they’ve been transported into the middle of a forest. It puts you in touch with nature.


Glenn Frey RIP – February 2016

And as January nears end, another legend goes. Glenn Frey of the Eagles. This I heard leaving my day job, and my mouth was just open. The thing that got me was that I used to listen to this song while eating chicken wings in 1989. That means nothing, but the point is, we all have memories, and we have to keep this music alive because the alternative is so bad, it will kill us all. Take it easy, lyin eyes, getting old is tough man..Rolling Stone Mag had an article I cut out and left in the loft saying the next 5 yrs will be solem as icons reach their golden years. Tis for the music.


Bowie RIP – January 2016

“She came into the room naked and said – I think Bowie is dead”

Words will never do justice to the feeling that the classic rock community felt when David bowie died in January 2016. I’m still feeling it, “too soon, why, getting old”…a few days after his bday too, Jan.10th I think…whatever the case, he went out, as a ‘piece of art’, timing his new album to hit, just as he was leaving our place. And all I can think of is…this concert with Bowie and Lou Reed singing together..I imagine heaven being like this.


Deadman in security LAX – December 2015

Imagine that this was a security checkpoint in LAX “heaven”. Even in heaven, Scott Weiland gets stopped. What a shame, a powerhead in my 90’s generation, gone for booze, meds, and coke. Still he know’s how to go through customs in an airport by himself. Looks like anyone. Not. RIP


“What if” the loft – November 2015

You can ask ‘what if’ for a million things. By the power of the Loft you can create a full ‘what if’ sanario for things that never happened on this Earth. Starting with ‘What if Beatles Albums’ in the 1970’s. Some dedicated listener compiled the best of Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey songs throughout the 70’s and came up with an interesting mix of songs that makes you realize – it’s better the Beatles broke up.

The last of these albums is the 1980 Starting Over again album. It was never meant to be.


Zooey in Weeds – September 2015

I have a BASF VHS tape of the TV show Weeds in the glove compartment of the Loft. I used to watch the show while I attended Sheridan College, but long forgot it about it, till I rediscovered this tape of Zooey Deschanel’s appearance on the show. Her character (Kat) was so out there, and the background music was so out there, that it was almost a hypnotizing character that made you watch more and more cause you had no idea what she would say. That’s what life should be.


Random Boggle Search – The Lost Saucer – July 2015

There is a button in the loft that says “press me for random”. I pressed it last Tuesday, and a show came up called “The Lost Saucer”. It just freaks me out, was cocaine everywhere the 70’s? Who thinks of TV like this, who lets in on TV, are all these characters dead now? It’s so mad. Before Star Wars, Sci Fi meant this.


My favorite insane MadMen Episode – May 2015

So MadMen ended (see my blurb in Brands) and I gotta say, the episode “The Crash” has got to be my favorite episode in the series, just for the fact that you have well established characters high on meth (or something like it). There’s so many bizarre moments that by the end of the episode, you feel so exhausted (just like Don) that you will collapse (hopefully in the loft).


Best U2 gig ever – March 2015

If there was one gig that always stuck out in my head, it was the U2 ZooTV show in 1992/93. And here is probably one of their best show’s ever. The reason it’s a great show is because the band is simply fighting with their older image with their new image, and you get glimpses of both in certain ways. But then there’s this feeling..a feeling of Europe, and the early 1990’s which is near and dear to my heart. The loft has a closet dedicated just to 1992.


This is the end – January 2015

Why do I keep picking up this VHS tape and re-watching it. This movie is so addictive that the lines are almost ingrained in my face. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll lend you my Beta copy.

The characters, the vibe, the end of the world, Hollywood hipsters, Milky Way bars, etc. I can’t put my finger on it.


Back in the Summer of ’74  – November 2014

The loft has a great collection of live ‘rock’ concerts, and a number of them usually pop up in my head to revisit them. And then I go through periods where I just listen to these memorable shows non-stop. Here’s the case with a great live show from 1974 from CSNY. It’s like 3 hours long, but it gives a glimpse of how things were in the drugged hazed 70’s. I swear, listening to this album transports you firstly to the summer (so it’s great to listen in the winter), to the 70’s, and to a time where anything goes. Why don’t you listen to it while doing your laundry?


Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Review – September 2014

The loft has a bar stocked with expired Rums, Spirits and Vodkas. I recently was given a gift earlier this year of ‘Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon’. It really has changed my life. Instead of drinking tea and doing yoga at night, I now drink a few sips of this stuff, listen to Sinatra on vinyl, and call it a day. This woman in this video review really hits home. I once found her eating Twinkies in the loft that had expired, but I let her eat them, cause I’m a nice guy.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – July 2014

In the loft there is a box labeled “roots t-shirts 1986”.  Remember Roots? Everyone had a shirt, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a person in that friggin shirt. In the loft in 2029 there is a Quick Time file on my iphone14 called “ice bucket challenge 2014”. Its simple, throw a bunch of ice on someone, recreating the feeling of Lou Garis (wrong spelling) disease, then pass the challenge to someone else till it goes viral. In the summer of 2014, this was all the rage, and as soon as the summer ends, it will be forgotten, lost in black hole of pop culture.


Mork vs Fonzie – May 2014

There’s a box in the loft labeled “Their Big Break on Drugs”, inside was a 34ml film of a great Happy Days episode from the 1970’s, called Mork vs Fonzie. Without going into details, Mork (Robin Williams), guest starred in 1 episode of this popular TV show, and blew everyone away with his originality. Of course he was on speed and cocaine at the time, but was it the drugs or brain that made him get his big break? This is a clip of originality.


Star Wars Rough Edit found in the loft – March 2014

Sometimes beneath the mounds of VHS and Beta Tapes I have in the loft, you may come across a reel to reel tin-can that says “Darth Prowse (Pathetic)”. Upon assembling the projector, you wonder what’s on this reel, and discover (happily) it’s the actual reel outtakes from Star Wars where the voice of Darth Vader, is actor David Prowse (not James Earl Jones). It’s like watching Spaceballs.


Lost music found in the loft – Jan.2014

With the new year, I always relook at all my cassette tapes, 8 tracks and reel to reel tapes and decide what I should throw out. This January I found a tape of a band called Saint Lucia. Upon hearing the verses of the song, I threw them out (above the left over fruit salad), but when it got to the chorus, I quickly went through the compost and salvaged them.


Cleaning the Loft bathroom – Dec.2013

The loft is a messy place, the shag carpet had not been bleached, the floor had not been swepted, and the cupboards have glue and rice that have expired in 1984. The one area that has been consistently clean is the bathroom . The guy in this video used to visit the Loft every second month to make sure the tile and grout are spotless (before he died in fire at a waterbed store).


Random Boxes in the Loft – Oct.2013

You can always find some weird archival ‘beatles’ footage in the loft. It’s usually hiding in random boxes marked ‘pod JL, PM, GH, RS’. Here’s one reel that relates to what I’m talking about. It’s John Lennon in 1980, two months before his death, in a NYC recording studio talkin about a range of subjects (music, peace, macca) but what’s weird the background you can hear someone mixing or watching Star Wars. At one point you can hear Star Wars more than Lennon.


Who’s making a point in the loft? – August 2013

How would John Lennon do on a variety talent show today? This is how.It’s great to know that judges can make faces like this, it’s almost priceless when you think that Usher holds the fate of the music industry in his face expressions.


Who’s stretching on the loft! – June 2013

I ran the Toronto Sporting life 10K in May, and prior to the run, learned the importance of stretching. For your viewing pleasure, here is the video I watched to learn the proper way to stretch before running. This come’s in handy for anyone who’s sore in those ‘hard to reach places’. Thanks Ashley.


Who’s smoking in the loft? – April 2013

The muppet song ‘mana mana’ is widely known as an anthem of nonsense. Adults love it, Kids love it, Babies love it too (mine included). The thing that freaks me out is that this song was originally broadcasted with different muppets in the late 60’s (with a more bossa nova beat), and the muppets look weird, almost demon-like. I need to stop smoking in the loft.


What’s crackin in the loft? – February 2013

So I’ve been watching the HBO show “Girls” and not only have I loved the show, but the music in the show is really good too. I downloaded the soundtrack and to me the coolest song was a cover of a Rolling Stones song “Fool to Cry” by Tegan and Sara. Because the loft has a lot of old gems, I dug out a live version of this song from the archives.  Check out Mick Jaggers gold tooth.


What’s on the Tube in the loft? – December 2012

Elvis Presley is like a God. In the 1970’s he wore jumpsuits that were gold, and he wore a cape. He was a God and Superhero at the same time. Here’s a clip from one of his concerts in the 1970’s. Not a clip of singing songs, but a clip of him on drugs, rambling about Fat Albert, Karate, Groupies, Tabloids, etc. It’s really amazing to watch a God or Superhero self-destruct infront of his audience…strungout from the root of his tongue.


What’s smelling in the loft? – October 2012

Why do people want to eat on camera? Why do they want to eat in their car and make a mess? I don’t know but this guy decides to review different fast food, in particular – the happy meal from McDonalds. He sings while he eats, sips on his juice, and has no cares in the world. Why can’t we all be like this guy – These fries got it goin on.


What’s boiling in the loft? – September 2012

I fell asleep in the loft recently, amongst the candy bar wrappers, hungry man tv dinners, and candy apple carrots. When I woke up, I  kept on repeating like a mantra – “I’m a Girl Watcher, I’m a Girl Watcher”. Finally I asked myself, who the hell sang this annoying song. After extensive research I discovered The O’Kaysions did. It was a white soul group from 1969. They look like they are already dead, but its such a great soul song, that I was surprised they were white,. Anyways, here’s the video, look at the singers eyes.

What’s shakin in the Loft – August 2012

What’s shakin? Fiona Apple. For the last month, I’ve been listening to here almost on a daily basis, and finally seeing her live at Toronto’s SoundAcademy was by far one of the top shows “in my life”. In a world filled with total BS on every corner, it’s refreshing to know that there is art being created not for art’s sake, but for pure expression. bravo. Here’s a clip from one of her latest shows.


What’s cooking in the Loft? – June 2012

Even through the midst of the summer, i’m prone to colds, allergies, and overall congestion. Because of this I lie in the loft and see what i can find to make my mind think of other things than kleenex and drugs. Keep on watching this prescribed intro to the “Friendly Giant” tv show (famous for any Canadian who grew up in the 70’s/80’s) and you’ll feel sick forever.


What’s in the Loft? – April 2012

So I’m training for a 10K marathon (if you call that a marathon) in May. This is a song I use to get pumped up to run. It’s the Who’s Live at Isle of Wight version of ‘Young Man Blues’ live from 1970. I highly reco it for anyone who wants to get a good workout.


What’s in the Loft? – March 2012

Entourage – Season 3; I love this show, and I love these “Harvey” episodes. I could watch this clip over a thousand times. I heard the guy who played Harvey was from Toronto, and died last year. RIP Harvey.


What’s in the Loft? – February 2012

Pimp My Ride – Jimmy Kimmel did a segment with rapper host Xzibet called  “Pimp My Bride”, I love the parody in this, and the TV at the end is awsome. Did you know that Pimp My Ride was MTV’s most popular show. It’s still more popular than Jersey Shore.

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